Now, your toddler can get active with a designed-for-them ball, and their favorite animal!

Animal Fact: Do you know that unicorn is a mythical creature but a one horn rhino named Siberian Unicorn actually roamed the earth 39,000 year ago.

A colorful animal soccer ball made for your baby's unique personality

The perfect size for your toddler. Watch their confidence soar as they can kick, run, and throw the ball just like their parents. By using this tested and proven 5.75’’ in diameter ball, their skills will improve quickly.

Sunshine The Unicorn

  • BPA and PVC Free

    Soft, Bouncy, and Light

    Smooth surface for easy cleaning

    Abrasion resistant and Long lasting

    Ball is 5.75’’ in diameter

    Included in the box:
    1 Pump
    1 Mini Soccer Ball